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Canine-Walker Services FAQ

  • How long does a standard visit last?
    Dogs — As requested by the client; however most requests are for a 60 minutes visit.
    Cats — A 20-minute visit is normally sufficient to feed and provide companionship.

  • Will I stay over-night in your house (House-Sit)
    No, sorry I do not offer this service; however i can recommend several people who may be able to assist you.

  • How much do I charge?
    The charges will depend on the number and type of pets, your specific requirements and the frequency of the visits. Please see Pricing for more information

  • What should i do if I want to book?
    Before I am able to accept any bookings I will need to carry out a pet care assessment. This gives you an opportunity to meet me and for me to meet you and your pet/s

  • How many times can you / do you visit?
    As many times as you, the client requires.

  • What insurance do you have?
    I have PII insurance.