About Me - Tracey
I love dogs! Ever since i was a little girl i have adored our canine companions. Our first family dog was a beautiful lab / collie cross called Sally and she was my best friend & loyal companion for many years. As a little girl, i walked dogs for our friends & neighbours earning a bit of pocket money along the way enjoying every minute.

In my early twenties, i travelled to Israel to work on a moshav, where i was lucky enough to gain volunteer employment working in a family run kennels, which boarded dogs & rescued strays. I was there for a year and that experience has remained one of the happiest times of my life.

I now have two gorgeous dalmatian bitches (Maddi & Tilly) as you can tell, by the numerous photo's on the site, who i absolutely adore & more often than not they accompany me when i'm out walking my customers dogs.

I can honestly say that dog walking is the most rewarding job knowing that my dogs and my customers dogs are experiencing a fun & happy life through exercise and socialisation.

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Tracey in Elmdon Park with Maddi, Stanley & Tilly, with Rudi in the background